Best Places to Visit in Boston | Glorious Memories Of The American Revolution

Boston travel guide is your best companion to Boston city which has contributed tremendously to the American history as known for the ‘The Boston party’.

After the American Revolution Boston developed as a major port and manufacturing center but currently thrives as a center.

Vacation from Boston

Boston is a big city with several districts. It is a tourist’s paradise; it is full of sights to see. However, if you are planning to visit the city, it is best to visit it in late May through June and September. As this city is a memorable place to visit due to its connection to American history, here you will found a number of museums in Boston and surrounding areas. It is a wonderful place to explore. Or you can trail through the city enjoying services offered by various organizations connecting historically interesting sites.

Hatch shell is another place situated near Charles River Bridge a place for organizing concerts in summer evenings. Public garden near Boston common is a place where you can visit the Lagoon and can paddle the swan-shaped boasts imbibing one with the 120-year-old tradition.

Esplanade, Boston Common, Castle Islands, The Fens, and the Victory, Plymouth Rock, Old Corner Bookstore.

Boston has much more to offer than the clichéd World Champion Sports team and the biggest tea party in the world. But the city is always high on spirits. Boston is basically a four-season destination. In summer, sunshine lights up the city and one can enjoy ferry rides.

Best Places to Visit in Boston


Boston’s Newbury Street is often referred to as New York’s Fifth Avenue. Besides. Black bay and the downtown city are the two major shopping destinations in the town.

Beautiful Gardens:

Boston is blessed with substantial natural heritage. Many parks like Boston common, Castle Island, Boston national historic park have been instrumental in enriching its natural glory.

Sports Events:

Boston’s Fenway Park is the home of Boston’s Red Sox, it captures the heart and passions of the city’s citizens and catches the eye of millions of foreigners. Here, one can see the zealous Bostonians playing against Yankees, their age-old rivals. One can feel the spirit of the city which is so lively and captivating.

Visit in Boston

Outstanding Museums:

Boston has all it takes to appeal the eyes of a history buff. One can spend the entire day in these remarkable museums.

Rich Dining Experience:

Boston’s restaurants are second to none in the world. They provide a rich, multicaulisin dining experience at affordable prices. There are more than 2000 restaurants in Boston all of which reflect the city’s diverse cultures. The most fantastic thing about Boston’s restaurants is that you don’t have to bump into every restaurant to see if you can afford the entrée. The menus are listed outside the establishment for you to figure out the right place for yourself. The menu offers American, Italian, Asian and French cuisines. The area most visited by tourists encompasses mainly moderately priced food joints. Thus, Boston offers something for everyone.

Boston’s Fenway Park :

It is the oldest baseball stadium which is still in use and is the home of Boston’s Red sox. Fenway Park is the topmost attraction of Boston. In Boston, even, if one is not a baseball fan, he will still be swept away by the fervor of this game.

The Freedom Trail :

It is a 4km. red brick walking trail tour that follows the path to American Independence. You will be fascinated while walking the very steps that American revolutionary walked some 200 years ago.

Cambridge-Harvard and MIT :

These prestigious institutions situated, both across the river Charles with their beautiful facade offer you several clicks for your camera albums.

Boston Harbor Islands : These islands will introduce you to the splendid natural beauty that Boston possesses. Moreover, one can always indulge in some or the other water games or aquatic activities going on over there.